Pleader’s Prayer. Solo exhibition @ Art – Amsterdam 2009

Solo exhibition @ Art Amsterdam 2009. Gallery Onno van Toor.

Mixed-media installation: painted wood furniture’s, papier-mâché, wax, pigment, metal-wire, animations (color,loop, no sound) and sound: a composed poem of Hannah Senesh: Eli, Eli, (my God, My God) singed by a Dutch man. Dimensions sturcture: 300 X 160 X 120 cm (HxBxL) Equipment: 7 TV’s 37cm, 7 DVD’s, 1 CD player, 1 car speaker, Sound.

Undeniably one of the most theatrical exhibits showcased at Art Amsterdam was Efrat Zehavi’s Pleader’s Prayer. The installation presented an extraordinary amount of activity, devoid of conventionality. An Israeli native, Zehavi aimed to capture the tension and adversity many immigrants face when attempting to start a life in Holland: It’s about the power of politics; the power of religion and how it’s reflected in personal life… Through this mixed media installation, Zehavi relentlessly explores the grueling, arduous nature of immigration policy. She provokes the spectator to question the unremitting struggle between those in political power and those who are politically powerless. Contorted figures made of wax, paint, wire, and plaster were suspended from a plethora of wooden chairs, flimsily standing on top of one another. read further the Review by Athena Newton on Pleader’s Prayer, Art Amsterdam 2009

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