Anonymous Glossy 2018 

De animatie is een bewerkt fotocompilatie uit de kunstenaarsboek Anonymous Glossy. Portretten en collages gecombineerd met ‘slogans’ werden nep reclames. edited by: Marieke van der Lippe

Tenteren van de nacht 2013

Text & voice: Nick J. Swarth, 7:40 

2011 The Last March

stop-motion, 11:46 minutes, sound: Johan van der Voet 
The short animation film The Last March is based on a collection of sculptures that came into being over ten years. 
It is a story about creation process and about the personal Pandora’s box that every person carries with them. 

There is nothing new under the sun 2008–2009

The sequence of animations There is Nothing New Under the Sun was inspired by the contemporary Dutch social-political reality with a special emphasis on the subject of immigration and integration. Some of the characters in the animations are Dutch politicians that had (and some still have) a major role in this issue, like Geert Wilders, Rita Verdonk, Pim Fortuyn and Ayaan Hirsi Ali. 

Wilde Wilders
(Wild Wilders)

Pim Piemel
(Pim Penis)

Rita Tovenaar
(Rita the Wizard)

Ayaan Hirshi Ali In the Dutch Mud