Temporal Illusions

How James Holmes Went From Shy Nerd To Accused Cold-Blooded Killer?

Installation of three diorama’s boxes suspended from the ceiling, soundtrack and staged photos. Painted MDF, metal, door pepe-hole lenses, plasticine, papier-mâché, wood, glass and textile. Soundtrack: 9 minutes, dimension boxes: 50x45x50/ 50x48x26.5 / 50x 26.5×26.5 cm

When I saw the newspaper photos of the mass-murderer James Holmes sitting in court, July 2012, I felt recognition and empathy. This feeling both frightened and fascinated me. Shouldn’t I feel repulsion? Could I fall in love with such a horrific person? I started to read articles about Holmes’s background: where did he grow up? Who were his parents? It inspired me to write a personal story – a mixture of autobiography and fantasy, fact and fiction. Later on, the story also became part of the installation.

Exhibited @ Joey Ramone Gallery, Rotterdam 2013

Listen to the full story online: