Stadsgezicht – a cityscape of plasticine faces

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Stadsgezicht is a new installation Efrat Zehavi made specially for the Realism Now exhibition. This installation has been compiled from a selection of the collection of Plasticine portraits she has built since 2007. Realism Nu, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam, curator: Trudi van Zadelhoff. 22 February 2020 to 4 October 2020. Photos: Aad Hoogendoorn.

Literally, stadsgezicht means cityscape. But as a non-native Dutch speaker, I read/see this word as a combination of the two words stad = city and gezicht = face – the face of the city. 

The Other
“For years I have lived in the centre of Rotterdam. Every day I look at the variations of the faces around me in utter fascination. The city counts over a hundred and seventy nationalities. Behind every face there is a life story. I would like to find out: ‘Where are they from? Who are they? Where are they going?’”
Fragment from Anonymous Glossy, 2017